Dr. Edgar Zambrano DO, Cosmetic & General Surgery
Dr. Edgar Zambrano DO,Cosmetic & General Surgery


SmartLipo is the type of liposuction that utilizes the latest laser technology to dissolve fat, and at the same time the skin is treated to induce skin firming.  SmartLipo is minimally invasive and you can go back to your daily activities quicker than with traditional liposuction. 



Smarlipo candidates are those who have stubborn fat deposits in areas such as abdomen, hips, thighs, waist, back, chest, and neck.  Dr. Zambrano will evaluate your area of concern and will work with you to obtain the best results. 



Smartlipo is laser-assisted liposculpture.  The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed under local anesthesia.  Dr. Zambrano will use a laser to destroy the fat cells and then removes the liquified fat.  In most cases smartlipo tightens the skin.  The procedure is performed as an outpatient and patients are able to return to their regular activities very soon. 


Risk & Complications

Complications associated with Smartlipo include;

  • Temporary soreness
  • Bruising
  • Swelling and numbness
  • Small risk of infection

We asked our patients to stop smoking four-to-six weeks before and after surgery to minimize wound complications.

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